Pre-Construction Services

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Pre-Construction Services

The Dering Pierson Group is an integral advisor and partner to its clients in the development and implementation of the pre-construction management and pre-construction services. Our construction project management and early involvement in a project will save time and money and allows the client to proceed with confidence. Depending on what solution makes sense for your project, you choose the involvement our team will have with pre-construction services.

Our primary role during the pre-construction phase is to provide input on design / constructability, construction costs, and schedule. Our team evaluates the requirements of the program drawings, conceptual plans, and the budget to move the project through to completion of design and documentation. Our team’s expertise and knowledge of life cycle costs and construction methods bring valuable information to the process, and this information lends itself to a successful project schedule.

Innovative and creative problem solving is one of the most valuable assets that a commercial construction company can provide, and it can only be done with years of experience delivering successful projects. The Dering Pierson Group has the privilege to partner with a wide range of companies, and we are known for delivering unmatched quality and reaching milestones of fast-track projects in the industry.

The Dering Pierson Group’s experienced team has been a great asset for many clients during the pre-construction management phase of their project. Assisting clients with project feasibility analysis, market research, definition of the project scope, and support of the overall development. This proactive, team player approach helps our clients successfully plan a smooth completion of their projects. Our work begins long before a project ever breaks ground. Our pre-construction services are designed to anticipate challenges and develop timely solutions to ensure efficient project delivery and pre-construction management. But the most important part of any construction planning is proactive communication. We ensure design teams work side-by-side with our clients, balancing goals and budgets so that all pre-construction deadlines are met.

Commitment to Excellence

With a proven record of delivering fully integrated range of pre-construction management and pre-construction services to a host of satisfied clients, Dering Pierson Group is well positioned to be a solid partner in any new opportunities. Every estimate, project and relationship has value for our company’s future success. It is why we work tirelessly to make sure everyone on every project is completely satisfied to the best of our abilities. Contact us today here or by emailing

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