Design Build

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Design Build

The Dering Pierson Group brings significant value to clients by being able to engage with developers, architects, and building owners right from the planning phase of the project with our design build construction services. Our team taps into its knowledge base and experience, and brings valuable insights that make the design/build process more effective and efficient.

With involvement in the early phase of a project, our commercial construction group is able to provide innovative value engineering with product options that help not only in realizing the desired design vision, but also in bringing innovative solutions that add to the aesthetics, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency of the overall project.

Our clients have long trusted the Dering Pierson Group to carry out their project vision, from conception to completion, with our design build construction services. In the design build approach, owners contract our commercial construction group to be responsible for both a project’s design and construction. We’ll work to balance design demands with budget and schedule to deliver the project responsibly and respectfully.

Design Build Advantages

Utilizing design build construction services with the Dering Pierson Group offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces design time.
  • Simplifies construction drawings.
  • Value engineering alternatives are always up for discussion and analysis
  • Reduces construction calendar.
  • Minimizes communication channels with a single point of contact.
  • Minimal change orders.
  • Fast track schedule.
  • Customized to actual site conditions easily.
  • Identify long lead items earlier.
  • Allows for the project to be repeated.

Results Driven

With a proven record of delivering fully integrated range of design build construction services to a host of satisfied clients, Dering Pierson Group is a commercial construction group positioned to be a solid partner in any opportunities. Every estimate, project and relationship has value for our company’s future success. It is why we work tirelessly to make sure everyone on every project is completely satisfied to the best of our abilities. Contact us today here or by emailing

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