Construction Management

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Construction Management

At the Dering Pierson Group, we are the commercial construction management team that stands above all others in the industry with our experienced team and innovative approaches to age-old construction project management setbacks. Our leaders provide the best commercial construction services and manage each project with close supervision and effective communication, all while ensuring our team members and subcontractors are instilling safe construction practices while on each job site.

Our team takes responsibility for all aspects of a building’s construction, from the planning and design phase through the closeout and occupancy. At the Dering Pierson Group, our commercial construction management experts will manage the coordination between the owner, architect, engineers, and subcontractors throughout the project. Communication between all team members is vital to keeping the project on schedule and on budget, even if any unexpected issues arise. The construction project management process includes:

  • Development of realistic and complete budget
  • Subcontractor qualification, selection, and contract coordination
  • Establish and maintain schedules
  • Detailed cost control via monitoring of the approved budget, change management, and the payment application process
  • Timely coordination of shop drawing and materials submittals from subcontractors and suppliers
  • Meetings and communication throughout the entire process
  • Project close-out and commissioning
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

We will provide you with all the information you need to make informed construction project management decisions at every stage of the project. Our commercial construction management team will provide the leadership and expertise to accomplish the vision and the goals for your latest development.

Expert Guidance

With a proven record of delivering fully integrated range of commercial construction management to a host of satisfied clients, Dering Pierson Group is well positioned to be a solid partner in any new construction project management opportunity. Every estimate, project and relationship has value for our company’s future success. We work tirelessly to make sure everyone on every project is completely satisfied to the best of our abilities. Contact us today here or by emailing

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