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Construction Services

Dering Pierson Group is a commercial construction company committed to providing general contracting, construction management, design build, material procurement, and other commercial construction services to a wide range of clients and industries. After more than a quarter century in the industry, the team at DPG was created in order to combine their experience, knowledge and work ethic to serve the complete construction needs of businesses throughout North America.

We are a nimble but mighty mobile team committed to doing the job right while beating scheduling and budget expectations for any project you may have. Our advantages include:

  • Cost control/change order management
  • Schedule monitoring/management
  • Furniture, fixture and equipment coordination/purchasing
  • Quality control assurance
  • Safety program
  • Project closeout

The Dering Pierson Group brings significant value to clients by being able to engage with developers, architects, and building owners right from the planning phase of the project with our design-build construction services. Our team taps into its knowledge base and experience, and brings valuable insights that make the design-build process more effective and efficient.

With involvement in the early phase of a project, our commercial construction group is able to provide innovative value engineering with product options that help not only in realizing the desired design vision, but also in bringing innovative solutions that add to the aesthetics, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency of the overall project.

Our design build services include:

  • Custom and simplified design
  • Reduced timeline/fast-tracked schedule
  • Streamlined communication
  • Project customized to actual site conditions easily
  • Option for alternative discussion and analysis

Our team takes responsibility for all aspects of a building’s construction, from the planning and design phase through the closeout and occupancy. Our commercial construction management experts will manage the coordination between the owner, architect, engineers, and subcontractors throughout the construction of the project. Communication between all team members is vital to keeping the project on schedule and on budget, even if any unexpected issues arise. Dering Pierson’s construction management services are:

  • Development of realistic and complete budget
  • Subcontractor qualification, selection, and contract coordination
  • Establish and maintain schedules
  • Detailed cost control via monitoring of the approved budget, change management, and the payment application process
  • Timely coordination of shop drawing and materials submittals from subcontractors and suppliers
  • Meetings and communication throughout the entire process
  • Project close-out and commissioning
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

Our primary role during the pre-construction phase is to provide input on design/constructability, construction costs, and schedule estimates. Our team evaluates the requirements of the program drawings, conceptual plans, and the budget to move the project through to completion of design and documentation. Our team’s expertise and knowledge of life cycle costs and construction methods bring valuable information to the process, and this information lends itself to a successful project schedule. Our pre-construction services include:

  • Budget preparation
  • Value engineering
  • Materials and methods evaluations
  • Constructability review
  • Scheduling
  • Design build/design assist
  • Subcontractor selection/bidding

Results Driven

With a proven record of delivering fully integrated range of commercial construction services to a host of satisfied clients, Dering Pierson Group is a commercial construction company well positioned to be a solid partner in any new opportunities. Every estimate, project, and relationship has value for our company’s future success. It is why we work tirelessly to make sure everyone on every project is completely satisfied to the best of our abilities. Contact us today here or by emailing

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