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If your company is considering an addition, a renovation, a build-out from an existing structure, or a completely new building from the ground up, the Dering Pierson Group has the experience and credentials you need for your office building construction projects. We can build your corporate headquarters or office, and meet your strict aesthetic and functional design requirements. We have broad experience in commercial building projects involving renovation, additions and new facilities. Many of which have also included green building techniques and other cutting edge technologies. We understand that your business can't afford any disruption. Getting the job done with the proper materials, in a timely manner, and in the most efficient way possible are top concerns. When building with the Dering Pierson Group, you will receive more building per dollar, on time, and on budget.

Offices come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and many are included in buildings with other necessities as well, such as warehouses, garages and more. Our office building construction project experience includes, among other things, new construction, improvements, and remodels. Our team has the talent and power to provide your new office construction with:

  • Our expertise with the pre-construction process.
  • Our resources for design/build.
  • Our ability to provide expert construction project management.
  • Our attention to detail on material procurement.

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