Our Culture

learn about the culture at Dering Pierson

At Dering Pierson Group, people are at the forefront of our business. While our clients understand we are focused on their success, our employees know our culture is built on a desire to flourish. We do this by providing internal training programs, paths to leadership, and more. Growing our passions, enjoying our work, and finding satisfaction in our achievements is what we strive for at Dering Pierson.

Our Core Values:

Do the Right Thing

We believe in putting integrity at the center of our work, even if that’s a road less traveled. We stand with and for each other to make good decisions part of our daily routine.

Succeed as One

We believe that our teammates include everyone who is involved in a project. We share challenges as a team of collaborators. We help each other freely and when we succeed, we succeed as one.

Own It

We believe in what we do. We love what we do. We see things through to the finish, “the buck stops here”. We are accountable to our process, our projects, our company and ultimately our clients.

Out Think & Out Hustle

We believe that the fastest way to get better is to get started. We believe there are no dead-ends, just questions yet unasked. We thrive in the construction process, seeking resolutions to complex issues with creative problem solving and professional delivery.


We believe that strength comes from family. We encourage one another to find the balance between home and work. We support each other to make sure that we are there for our families, so they can be there for us.

At Dering Pierson Group, our team is personally committed to establishing successful and long-term relationships with our clients. Likewise, it’s our goal for our employees to flourish and succeed. If you’re interested in taking the next step to start your career at Dering Pierson, visit our Careers page to get in touch.

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